Friday, August 25, 2006

Morning Classes are POISON

This term has been one of the worst in terms of class timings. We start at 0815 hours, yep I don't even know what the world looks like at that time.

We have been badly pampered the last couple of terms with classes starting at 11:15/ 14:15 respectively. Little did we realise that it was the high before the crash.

The result - borderline class attendance, even when I made it to class, I was one of the last guys to run in.

However, with our Final Term Examinations round the corner, I have devised a unique strategy to enable me to attend classes, which I shall explain by a description of a typical day @ my life in Term 3 @ ISB.

0815: Wake up - note class starts at this time.
0830: reach class - apologetically run in.
0915: ten minute coffee break - Breakfast time for me though.
1015: class over - time for a few laughs with sectionmates

1045: we start again :-(
1245: over for the day :-)
1330: lunch
1400: I finally get to sleep
1900: rudely woken up - some high profile CEO is lecturing on entrepreneurship
2100: dinner with the speaker after an awesome session
2300: hang around the Atrium, under the pretext of networking
0000: Business Plan development meeting
0200: ok we finally get sown to the meeting
0500: wooah look at the time - meeting adjourned as we are hungry
0600: raid fridges/apartments of hapless souls
0700: should I sleep or .....
0815: It starts again .....

Monday, August 21, 2006

So you guys think that you suffer from an excessive workload

How ISB celebrates the completion of a set of tests known as the mid-terms:

Not so long ago, we managed to successfully last through our mid-terms. Dreaming of booze, we managed to saunter into our rooms and checked our mails hoping to come across invitations to about a half a dozen parties. But we had missed one critical piece of information, this is ISB.

Awaiting us was an insanely packed schedule of 10 hours of classes. We started the day with 4 hours of regular core classes such as Corporate Finance and Operations Management. Followed by an additional 2 hours of an elective known as PAEV (Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture, which I must add is the best academic course @ ISB), where we had the phenomenal sanjeev bikhchandani of address us and take us through his entrepreneurial journey. after a quick dinner with him, we made our way through to a BCG (Boston Consulting Group) workshop, which was also quite informative.

Considering that I am as interested in consultancy as men, the fact that I still got a few take aways from the session goes a long way to show that consultants really do know their stuff.

Well this is how we celebrate exams!!!

If you are still thinking of studying management, this might be a good time to give it a second thought.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Benefit of Examinations

Examinations, as we all know have a number of benefits.

For the benefit of humanity I shall prevent myself from elucidating those very benefits here.

However, one such advantage is quite enlightning.

you finally spend some time with your flatmates.

@ the ISB we have a type of living quarters known as Quads - an apartment consisting of 4 rooms with kitchenette, loos, massage rooms, jacuzzis et cetera - basically only the essential no frills kind of stuff

hence flatmates/roomates are known are given the prestiguous title of Quadies here. All of us (Quadies) maintain extremely hectic schedules and do not even see each other for days. Today was the first time in a couple of months that all of us actually met each other in the living room and caught up with each other.

"After all its the examinations that binds us " - Ace Ventura (modified)

Disclaimer: the author sincerely hates examinations and does not reccomend them in any way whatsoever.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Dress codes in B-school at ISB

B-school students are unique in their ability to try and spice up a packed academic schedule by introducing inanities such as DRESS CODE FOR THE DAY.

Dress codes have really caught on in our School. must say, that it provides for some "Phantashtic" photographic opportunities.

These dress codes are initiated by a section at a time and do have a number of merits, such as fostering unity, adding to camaraderie, creating a lively atmosphere.... but any b-schooler will tell you that the real value add are the snaps.

some of our dress codes here @ ISB are ....




... and many more that i do not have the patience to write about.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006