Friday, July 22, 2005

harry potter and the half blood prince .... ughh

pretty early that i have started posting again , but it is out of sheer brotherhood and the desire to save the entire reading fraternity from falling prey to the ghastly harry potter and the half blood prince.

another one among the teeming multitude which call themeselves a harry potter fan (i have read 9 hp's till date including this one and one fanfiction), i queued up outside a bookstore at 6AM(in india the book was being launched at 0600 IST),. me who has never seen what 8AM looks like , woke up at that ghastly hour just to get my hands on this hallowed piece of literary fiction , read it non stop for the entire day couldnt finish it the same day as i had go out somewhere the major part of the day , and also party because i didnt desire to anymore . nevertheless i completed the book yesterday , and promptly chucked it aside with a bitter taste in my mouth and a degree of satisfaction at having finally got rid if it .

my opinion on this book can be ascertained by the last paragraph, where i have minced no words in informing you guys how much of a drawl it was , and i am a die hard fan of the series .
the flaws which i feel existed in the book , are mainly , firstly the book lacked a plot . there was never a story really and it is very tough for book to carry on for 606 pages without a plot , its kind of like a multi starrer bollywood film without any story riding along soleley on star power.
secondly the book was just tying up ends , and for once you hoped that something new would come along even the "half blood prince" issue is dealt in an extremely abrubt way, whihc makes you wonder the book could be renamed anything for instance hp and the red haired girl, hp and his most boring year in hogwarts ever , et cetera . you almost wish that dumbledore's dies because almost anyone who is a keen fan would expect his death because of the betting fiasco from suffolk. where the book was printed . in the eternal hope that it might pick up pace . finally in the last ten pages it does pick up speed , but being such a breakneck one, fails to impress yet again . being used to the lazy construction of the earlier chapters you are caught off guard in the last ten pages and almost skim through the pages to the end . the end also is very much like b grade serials in india , produced by miss ekta kappor , whihc leave the audience at tenderhooks waiting what will happen next . and there is no satisfaction at having completed it .

what will happen to joanne kathleen rowling after this book , pretty much nothing , she is already the richest woman in the world . as said in a certain move what can you do with 11 billion dollars that you cant do with 8. but what this book has done is, reduce her fan follwing and at the same time creating phenomenal expectations from the finale as the entire book was used to tye up ends and create a base for the last one . it better be good or ....... a crazy fan might do anything if he realises that being a fan was a waste of his time .

wassup guys

hi dudes,
long time no post , thats primarily due to the lack of free internet . the previous blogs were all done on DCrti's bandwidth where i did my internship , now that i am out of there , the chance for blogging simply did nto arise .

so how come am i blogging again , yipeeee back in cal (home town).. and ill continue to fill you guys on the latest from the city with a soul hehehe.