Friday, September 29, 2006

WOOOOOAHHH 5000 hits

finally after blogging for quite some time and putting a hit counter a couple of months back, I have finally managed to break 5000 hits barrier.

God, my blog must really suck!!!

I do hereby solemnly swear that I shall update my blog truthfully, faithfully and to the best of my ability. I shall respect other fellow bloggers, right insightful comments everywhere and strive to better my blog everyday.

cheers till later!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Phew, that was a hectic month

the fact that im posting after almost a month, to some extent explains how hectic the last month has been.

the last time you guys heard from me, we were coming to terms with the insanity of term 3.

Within 5 gruelling weeks, we had to study subjects such as corporate finance, Managerial Accounting, Operations management and my favourite Entrepreneurship. All in all, quite a useful but gruelling range of subjects. The only thing to look forward to at that time was the relatively lighter load in the 4th term.

However, Subjects do not decide how easy a term can be.
The courses this term can hardly be said to be gruelling. We have 3 "faff" subjects and 1 insanely tough one, so all in all an academically manageable term.

But, the sweet god of sleep still continues to elude us. This term is shorter than the regular ones by a whole week and also contains one of the BIGGEST AND GRANDEST events I have ever witnessed in a b-school.

Participating in the TIE-ISB connect was an awesome experience, I have never seen such an awesome star cast of speakers and head honchos in any b-school event. the oppurtunity to participate in such an event was totally worth all the sleepless nights that we went through.

Now, that the event is over and the term is almost over, its time to hit the books/laptop with gusto and hence, thou shall see more posts from me.

PS: check out my Gyann on the ISB website.