Wednesday, April 13, 2005

deleted aoe

yipee i finally deleted aoe , and almost instantly i created more time for myself , what did i do with that additional time is another story , but first things first . aoe has been finally deleted

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

daily routine

hi guys i thought i would devote this post to my daily routine , which is soundily exceedingly boring and "vella" which is calcuttan colloquial for a person with nothing to do .

my day begins with people banging on my door to get up and get ready they are part of my car pool who come along with me to office ,thsi usually happens at about 7:45 to 8:00 . and i lazily get up by 8:00 - 8:15 . this also leaves me with no time to read the newspaper , whihc i absolutely love to read , though admittedly the economic times is a bit terse . hence i just get enought time about 5 mins to glance at the headlines after whihc it is usually bathing and getting dressed at breakneck speed .

breakfast is strictly optional only if time is available and has an accuracy of 50% ie if we are runnign late , have to skip it , nevertheless we leave by 8:45 and reach office by about 9:20 - 9:45 depending on the apalling road conditions of the IT city (pun intended) Bangalore.

once i reach office , i leisurely check mail and ponder what the real rush was , it was probably to swipe my card to get a decent time logged in . anyway i leisurely check my mail and write on my blog or post a few articles on this cool forum called or just generally get some information about mba , or check whihc colleges i have been admitted to , (got into quite a few institutes , but that at another time). this goes on till about 11:15 , after which i am taught german in office , which is real good fun and good be classified as my high point of the day . learning Deutsch is extremely entertaining , primarily becuase the teacher rocks as we are in no hurry to complete , hence chugging along at our own pace with the primary objective being to entertain , that is what happens.

this is followed by lunch which more often than not tastes good and is in the DaimlerChrysler campus itself . we have lunch on the terrace where the cafetaria is located and it is quite pleasant if the weather is good . this is followed by a round of table tennis or ping pong as it might be known as in a few cultures , which usually goes on for another 30 - 45 mins . after which i return to my desk , to do some technical reading or make a presentation about some technology learnt , dont ask me when do i actually learn , i myself wouldnt know . i think the total amount of constructive work done in a day would never exceed 2 hours which would always between 2:00 - 5:30.

however at 5:00 we run up to the cafetaria again to have some tea and snacks and by the time we finish it is again 5:30 , and then i check some more mail or piss of some more people with my really bad forwards and do some more research on mba and the like (interpreted as while away time), only if really saddled will work do i work for another 30 mins to 1hr . convincing myself that i would return to the hostel and complete it. never happens.

On reaching the hostel i am usually convinced to play Age Of Enpires by a team of extremely "vella" people , and i never understand why i agree to it , cause i am not as good as them in the game and prefer to watch a movie instead , as i possess at least 25 unseen movies on my computer , even physical sports have been reduced and i hardly play squash anymore . so its usually 2- 3 games of AOE after which i might read an e book for an hour and sleep .

come to think my routnie sucks , i dont get much sleep dont do anything constructive , and we are what we do , hence i am nothing. whihc would mean i should snap back into a system as soon as possible , ending this frivolous lifestyle which is a huge waste of time .

Monday, April 11, 2005

office space

hi everyone i saw this movie called office space yesterday , which is about frustrated software engineers , thought far from being frustrated right now , as i possess a plum job in this company called DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology . i couldnt not help thinking about the future .
such as what would happend after a fairly long period of time in such an organisation , which would necessarily entail me too sit on chair and write code. being a true blue leo , and a person who has always been extremely hyperactive and extroverted , sitting in a chair the entire day cramps my style .
this further led me to realise 2 things , firstly the prime reason why people leave jobs , is not because of the pay or the company or even the work, it is solely because of their boss , or people they have to report . this is an observation which is not only professed in many many management theory books circulating the market , but even i with my extremely limited job experience have come to accept this fact . possessing wonderful bossess , but work which i am intrinsically unsuitable for , i still desire to stay and work for this wonderful organisation.
however this brings to my second theory which is one should always do what do what he is good at and what he so desires , should not be influenced by mony and power , "we are what we do " this is a line blurted out by a villaineous chap in a b grade movie which i cant remember , however makes sense , and makes me work towards my goal of being a very succesful entrepreneur

Friday, April 01, 2005

lessons learnt from a car devoid of fuel

since this is online journal... i am thinking why not get a little introspective and post something really cool .. so heer it goes .. yipee my first real post

so this story took place yesterday evening when my car( a small rasberry red colour zen , whihc i absolutely adore ) ran out of fuel , about 1/3rds the way on a bridge . and i was stuck looking for a bunch of people to push my car beyond the apogee , primarily because their was a petrol bunk to my rescue on the other side.

this exercise which took a little over an hour taught me that there are 3 ways one get out of a sticky situation

a. one could be saved by people who are benefited by the good deed .. but this only lasts till the benefactors benefit .. for instance as i was blocking a few burly truckers they jumped out in the name of helping a poor soul to push it a little further .. but only such that there trucks could come out .. beyond that , the hapless soul was left desrted and in a dilemna to find his own means.

b. the second option is to buy your way out of sheer monetary power .. this i could have implemented as i was suitable loaded being payed my generous stipend ( heheheheh "wicked smile").. but i wanted to avoid this , as i am an aspiring student to insead , fountainblea , and wanted to disply all such management characteristics.

so we come to the thrid option ..
c. which was convince people to assist you in a manner that they see their own advantage in this without bribes etc . .. displaying a fine degree of problem solving and managaement skills ...
this i imlplemented by going to the petrol bunk on the opposite bunk to convince the chap to come to walk a distance and help me push beyond the crest of the bridge .. whihc took a good 15- 20 mins .. even a simple task as pushing a vehicle enables a person to display any such leadership skills which he may intrinsically posses or which may be developed due to a course/degree etc .

hence we see management is in every walk of life and better managers usually have better life