Friday, December 02, 2005

unbelieveable .....i think i will go mad

my test centre experience:


sorry guys slightly late , but was out of town for a couple of days .

my test slot was on the 29th of nov , at 1700 - 2100 hours at prometric kolkata .
and some construction work was going on at a nearby site where heavy machinery is cranked up at 1900 hours , hence the chaps at prometric called me up and told me to come early and start by about 4 . i even wore the "ear muffs" , they are great and i would advise anybody who has a problem concentrating in a noisy environment to wear them .


pretty regulation stuff, started of with an analysis of an arguement followed by issue and wrote a couple of trite essays based on some plagiarized templates . wasnt really bothered much as i had scored a 5.5 when i had first appeared for my gmat. hence ended up writing some really long essays , which werent even edited for typos , (hope i at least get a 5 so it doesnt look too bad).

break: splashed water on the face, it has become quite a popular thing to do and let out a bellow in the washroom to get my adrenalin pumping and reminded myself that the real test starts now ....
it sort of worked in removing a sort of complacency which had set in due to the awa's

math in short was ridiculously easy , in fact it was so easy that i was left wondering that am i doing anything right ,(probably they were experimental questions ).
math continued to be easy with 1 probab , 2 per/comb and lots of inequations and statistics , do brush up on stats .
finished with about 15-20 mins to spare .

traded in my scratch paper for a new one , made a grid for verbal got fresh pencils etc and went for my break .

consumed a red bull , (good stuff) , and a chocolate which i shared with the security guard .... more splashing of water and i was ready for the main section.


started of with a shocker of an sc , spent about 4-5 mins until the picture became clearer. but a got a couple of sitters after that , so that helped to bring my timing back to normal .
4-6, 7-10 rc , pretty regualtion stuff i guess ,

got a boldfaced question really early on i thing sometime around 20th or so, the only one by the way, and it was really big , and i mean big. luckily the second statement was a conclusion and it made the choice of answer a lot quicker .

everything went fine till about the 37th question, when i had about 6 -7 mins left , pretty good pacing till then , but i got damn excited that i was doing well and sort of switched off , just switched off and lost quite a bit of time didnt help that it a tough and lengthy cr , followed by one of those 4 line sc's where everything was underlined . so had about 3 questions with about 60 secs left . so instinct in one of the sc's and blind guessing on 2 cr's ended the verbal.

finished the survey , filled it out properly , and was ready to see me score was expecting a 51 in math and about late 30's or 40's in verbal about 730 - 740 so was pleasantly surprised to see 770 , went mad , let out a stifled yelp and punched my fist, ( as is the norm , hehehe) and ran out to take my score report .................