Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Victory tastes sweet !!!!

we have finally tasted victory at a paper presentation competition called MANTHAN held at IMT ghaziabad.

160 teams participated, out of which 8 were chosen and invited to the finals namely: IIM A/C/L/I, NITIE, NMIMS, IMT and ISB.

as it is clear from the topic of the post we (Yashovardhan Gupta and Priyank Modi from ISB) won and IIM L came a close second.

Now the story.....

the paper was actually quite good and dealt with how, contrary to popular opinion Mergers and Acquisitions actually create value. but being our first paper presentation ever, we did not have a presentation or idea on what to talk about.

The fact that we are habitual procrastinators did not help much and our presentation was made on
a) 0545 flight from hyd to dellhi.
b) then on the cab ride from delhi to UP border
c) then the autoscooter ride from UP border to imt, ghaziabad
d) while waiting in the audience as the first 2 teams were presenting (we were the 3rd in queue)

nevertheless, we won :-) and are consequently richer by 15 grand