Monday, July 31, 2006

wooooohoooo I have turned 24

B-school is the best place to celebrate one's birthday!

the celebrations start by flinging the acccused into the swmming pool.

today was a packed day @ the pool. primarily because 3 of us celebrate our birthday on the same day. the mba populance waited, licking their lips for the accused to arrive. a beer was thrust into my hand and after a round of congratulatory hugs I was told to dismember any hydrophobic substances which i possessed. such as watch,wallets, et cetera.

5-6 burly guys held me and started swaying, and after gaining momentum for 2 counts let me go with a heave on the third and i landed face first in the pool.

this was followed by some more hugs, but unfortunalety no cake. probably ill get the cake in class today.

somehow the the "junta" wasnt satisfied by dunking us once and proceeded to dunk be about 3 times more.

even my study group exonerated me of any of the responsibility when it came to doing the assignment which was pending for tommorrow.

in short b-school is the best place to celebrate one's birthday.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I have been tagged by bonet and now the onus is on me to provide truthful and factual answers to the following questions.

I am thinking of finally puting an end to my insolent procrastination .... well not really, I am thinking, why the best things in life are either illegal ...... or with someone else.

I said that I am going to my room and studying, but I ended up going to Hyderabad Golf Course and driving some balls. You know what I am not even feeling guilty :)

I want to spend some time with my family, neglecting them a bit too much.

I wish that I was more proactive and did a few more things with my life.

I miss My family. Refer answer 3. well I also miss italian food, wine, girls of calcutta and few other things which cant be written here ...

I hear the pitter patter of rain on my window. A refreshng change from the Punk Rock, which I usually listen too.

I wonder What if I had applied to a few other top rung B-schools or gone to Cornell ... Nahhh, ISB Rocks.

I regret Nothing, well maybe I could have been slightly more proactive in preventing the good things in life from being illegal ... with someone else.

I am A Rockstar!

I dance like a cretinous fool.

I sing like a Vogon (A Character in Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy), who voice resembles the act of gurgling and coughing at the same time.

I cry lesser these days

I am not going to give up.

I hate No one

I confuse Studying with learning and partying with networking.

I should Think less and act more.

I finish watching all the movies on my computer, but do not read even a page of study material.

I tag: Kapil Mantri
and Manu

Friday, July 07, 2006


Some photos from our GSB party. The theme as evident was RETRO.