Monday, August 29, 2005

13 days .......

studied a bit today , but i have decided to maintain a log of all i do in the run up to the gmat. this can help prospective gmat enthusiasts and miht asisit me . in the event that i take the test again,which by the likes of is a certain possibility.

1. manhattan gmat sc notes .

2. ims formulae and examples, not solving problems . not enough time . wanted to give pp1 today . couldnt hence will be given on the 30th.

2 weeks left!!!!!!!!

i have finally broken the two week barrier.
and amidst that i have contemplated nearly everything , from postponing the test to a week to giving it half heartedly, basking in the solace that i might appear for it again.

nevertheless all of these philanderings are not only a source of distraction but highly demotivating as hell .

so i have come to the conclusion , come what may, ill do in 2 weeks what nobody else ever has ... (hahahaha "evil laugh" )

i will give my first powerprep 1 , tom night , which should be a good predictor of my actualt gmat score , lets hope for the best .

yet to breach 700

Sunday, August 28, 2005

15 days left!!!!!!!!!!!

i think this blog has been reduced to a place where i can vent my frustration, unable to do it in public . a place where i can chastise/castigate myself repeatedly .

guys , you might have to bear my unesay temperament until my gmat is over , .......

Saturday, August 27, 2005

16days left!!!!!!!!

keep the encouragement coming guys , for i sure havent any....

17days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shit .........

Friday, August 26, 2005

- practice awa - "timed" and without any prior practice . analysis of an argument

- practice awa - "timed" and without any prior practice .

analysis of an argument.

the following appeared as part of an annual report sent to stockholders by olympic foods, a processor of frozen foods:

"over time, the costs of processing go down because as organizations learn how to do things better, they become more efficient. in color film processing, for example, the cost of a 3 by 5 inch print fell from 50 cents for five day service in 1970 to 20 cents for one day service in 1984. the same principle applies to the processing of food. and since olympic foods will soon celebrate its 25th birthday. we can expect that our long experience will enable us to minimize costs and thus maximise profits."

discuss how well reasoned you find this argument. in your discussion be sure to analyze the line of reasoning and the use of evidence in the argument. for example, you may need to consider what questionalbe assumptions underlie the thinking and what alternative explanations or counterexamples might weaken the conclusion. you can also discuss what sort of evidence would strengthen or refute the argument, what changes in the argument would make it more logically sound,and what, if anything, would help you better evaluate its conclusion.

[30 mins]

the aforementioned argument in asserting that olympic foods will enjoy the kind of success that color film processing did, in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, appears at first glance to be a coherent. one could also say legitimate argument. however upon further examination of the argument and its underlying structure. a number of flaws become so evident that one cannot take the argument or its conclusion seriously. among the most pivotal shortcomings of the argument are its inability to adress or even acknowledge its assumptions, as well negligence of the information necessary to substantiate its claims.

the premier assumption that the argument makes is that the example of the film processing industry can be generalized and making the faulty assumption that what worked for it, will be true even in the case of a disparate industry such as food processing. the generalization of the film industry is uncalled for and could be a very specific example of a success story which had a number of other underlying factors responsible for it. such as, increase in competition causing a reduction in prices, cheaper equipment adding to the cheaper processing, lesser demand causing a drop in prices, paper prices fallign et cetera. none of these reasons can be applied to the food processing industry and the assumption of generalization is not justified.

another assumption that can be made is that experience creates efficiency, for which no underlying proof is provided. let us consider a hypothetical situation of a manager with a lot of experience but one who is not able to cope with the advent of technology. although he might possess a plethora of experience, he might not exactly be successful due to the immense retraining effort required and updation with technology. hence it is not always true that experience creates efficiency and this assumption is also essentially unsupported.

the third assumption which the argument makes is that 25 years is a considerable amount of time in which to gain experienxce. again without any proof whatsoever.the amount of experience necessary is highly industry specific and varies from industry to industry, for instance 25 years might be a lifetime in the software industry, but a 25 year old automobile firm might still be learning from its mistakes. hence generalizing "experience" over all industries is another important shortcoming that the argument possesses.

the fourth assumption made by the argument is that minimized costs, maximise profits. this is an extremelty short sighted viewpoint and is seldom true. what a company fails to realise that profit is not only dependent on cost but also on sales, and if costs are reduced then quality will reduce which might adversely affect sales. however we might have accepted this assumption had a succint example been provided, however the lack of information provided does not enable us to make these very assumptions.

this argument might hold true if each specifc assumptions are strengthened by newer and relevant information or simply more data is provided, which might enable us to make more informed judgements on the information provided. hence in conclusion the argument is extremely incoherent, and the assumptions mentioned above need to be strengthened before the validity of the argument can be guaged.

how about some pictures

will put the pictures neatly later on . but for now how about these

- practice awa - "timed" and without any prior practice .

- practice awa - "timed" and without any prior practice .

analysis of an issue:

"in some countries, television and radio programs are carefully censored for offensive language and behaviour. in other countries, there is little or no censorship"

in your view, to what extent should goverment or any other group be able to censor television or radio programs? explain, giving relevant reasons and/or examples to support your position.

[30 mins]

The issue of censorship of televison and radio programs, which has aroused heated debates, has increased in significance in light of the technological boom facing us. the opinion that televison and radio programs should be censored, has some merit to it, but when juxtaposed against the option of eliminating censorship in totality or diminishing it, fades into insignificance. some of the salient reasons which tilt the balance against censorship are listed in four cogent arguments below.

freedom is the most essential right desired by man. in any form the lure of doing what one wants to do will always preside over the wishes of others. censorship curtails some of this desired freedom, albeit in an entertainment capacity. since time immemorial any sort of control has been rejected by humans, call it communisim or a centralized from of governance. history is testimony to the fact that man is happier in a democratic society. this could be abstracted to the issue facing us today, using the thought that history is a predictor of the future, it can enable us to realize that censorship indeed has a short life, and the quicker we brace ourselves to that fact the better prepared will we be.

secondly, the 21st century has increased the dominance of media and enabled it to appear in a variety of forms such as the ubiquitous internet. pleasure seekers being devoid of entertainment will proceed towards media where censorship does not prevail. hence slowely but surely reducing the "TRP'S" of televisional channels and paling them into insignificance. what censorship will do , is eject primitive forms of media such as television and radio into obsolete entities.

thirdly, control should not be excercised by the authorities but by the users themselves. televisons could have child locks and other advanced features which could enable households to decide for themselves what levels of obscenity or violence they would like to endure. however this would require television channels to declare their obscenity content in forms of ratings such as "PG", "A" et cetera.

fourthly, it could provide extra income to the goverment, by taxing channels whose obscenity ratings are higher than others, at a higher rate, thereby providing a discernible incentive to media houses to remain "clean". information about who is doing what is necessary, and big brother watching might not be that bad an idea after all . but where i would like to differ is when big brother starts interfering . hence no censorship would give goverment data about the media houses and their channels, enabling them to view cases on a case by case basis.

however the prospect of having censorship is not without any advantages as well. but in my humble opinion the advantages of removing censorship are far too many and important to ignore. some of the reasons and situations where a censorship might help society are when control is desired because excessive amounts of sex and violence in the media are becoming a precursor to crime or when the situaton become so much out of hand that order is desired. however apart from some specific instances the advantages of removing or diminishing censorship far outweigh censorship.

help!!! 18days left for gmat

hi everyone ,

18 days left, the countdown has started without any serious preparation under my belt

as most people preparing for gmat already know .
the crux of gmat preparation is the OG , for the uninitiated "the official guide for gmat review 10th edition"

but now that the new improved "avatar" vernacular for another version, so to speak, has arrived the copius amounts of time needed to devote to it has aggrandized.

"for sentence correction afficionados " notice my effective use of modifiers ... hehe im getting better at it .

18 days would be a highly insufficient amount of time to prepare seriously for gmat and would be unadvisable for anybody unless you have b***s of steel . my lack of time and motivation has been further exacerbated due to the presence of a significant someone . heheh "chuckle" . hence the reason why i choose this blog to vent my frustration apart from learning how to type furiously .

however i would be grateful for all your good wishes,(doesnt sound grammatically correct, nevertheless) for my last hurrah. and i shall, if successful, post a long description of my experience as well a study plan which is quite perfect . lacking the only thing time . the same post should be accesible from the two portals the athor frequents. and

with best regards,

yashovardhan gupta

ps: my last post was the longest post in the history af all posts, and due to some crappy glitch didtn get registered . even the recover post button failed to work. (dissapointed ) it was a great post . nevertheless until later ciao

Saturday, August 06, 2005


blogging has a number of benefits which have not been documented as yet .

i shal proceed to elucidate a few of these benfits which till date i have not realised , but intend to do so .

1. it increases your typing speed , now this is a quality desired in almost all industries these days . but they gain importance for me , as i am appearing for gmat , and as can be seen from the freqency of my posts . it is disastrous . gmat starts with a couple of essays to be scripted in 30 mins each from conception to implementation which is kind of short to effectively convey one's ideas. but that is the hallmark of a good manager or a succesful mba . conveying what you want to in the least possible time.

2. secondly , to a certain degree . it improves your written english .arguably it could also worsen your written abilities if your creative writing instincts are moderate at the most.and the need to understand the "gmat" method of writing the said essays exist .
nevertheless , practice never hurt anybody . so from now on i shall endeavour to write a couple of essayd each week which apart from increase the posts here should also effectively help my typing abilities.

3. another factor could be the lack of a spell check and formatting abilities , this editor provides very basic facilities , in much the same way as the gmat and would make one used to the editor provided by ets .

i can think of more reasons , but would care to elucidate them at a later junction . as i am hard pressed for the time at the moment , so ...