Wednesday, November 22, 2006

supply chains or supplier of chains !!!

we just gave an end term examination on Logistics and supply chain management.

the course could have been "supply chains" or "supplier of chains" and we wouldn't have known the difference.

100 marks in 90 minutes and the paper stated "attempt as many as you can", in a way as to suggest that having hopes of attempting more than 50 would be out of the question.

nevertheless, it always feels nice to finish a test.


a) for having lasted through the ordeal.
b) and having one less exam to go through in whatever is remaining of this course.

later ....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Open book exam with nothing from the book - Electives are cool

well the subject line says it all.

Electives are Cool!

The first end term examination of Term 5 (the 1st elective term) ended a few hours back and I answered an absolutely delightful paper on Branding.

Branding, was touted to be quite a tough exam .... what isn't.

It was scheduled to be an open book exam, and students meandered into examination hall carrying a variety of text books apart from lecture slides, self made notes etc..

One particular student (a famous boisterous sardar of our batch) came in with 5 different text books, most of which I had never heard of or seen in my life.

But Alas, they were of no use as the examination contained an 30 page long case and extremely open ended questions. I obviously enjoy these kind of examinations as I am always underprepared and these tests level the playing the field. The case was about the the famous "got milk" campaign and was an extremely detailed and interesting read.

the motto - Electives are cool and significantly reduces the pain of examinations

Monday, November 06, 2006

some more pictures !!!!

SKILL CITY @ XIM, Bhubaneshwar

ahhhhhhhhhh, 3 days of games and more games thanks to ximb, we couldn't have bargained for more.

skill city:

was a 3 day event designed to test essential managerial skills such as leadership, negotiation, strategy, analytical abilities, drive and the like.

but it turned out to be a 3 day fun fiesta revolving around a theme of the lord of the rings, replete with games such as the ones shown on the popular television show takeshi's castle on pogo.

some of the games were:

1. A physical Scotland yard
2. games to test your analytical abilities (anagrams, puzzles)
3. global manager (languages, geography)
4. A wonderful negotiation game (bargain for hotel room rates, negotiate with builders to optimize building materials)
5. physical puzzles/mind teasers ( played out in the open with beer bottles)
6. a cross between a maze, hop skotch and minesweeper.
7. military style endurance games (crawling through ditches, obstacle races)
8. strong man contest kind of games (pulling a cart with your teammates in them)

Its been quite while since we had such a great time at a fest!!!

the management and the efficiency with which events were conducted were unbelievable. I have never seen such a large number of volunteers, all of whom were given equal responsibility and no one fought for the centre stage. events took place in clockwork like efficiency and the result was one Helluva well organized fest !!!!

heres to XIMB, one of the most cohesive and unified b-schools in recent times.

Phew!!!! lots to blog about

I have been intending to write a post for quite some time now and had a looooong "to do" list of things/events i had to write about. I manage my "to do" list with one of these cool widgets, you might wanna try them out.


so ill just a give a brief write up of all things on my to do list and then jump write on to a detailed post about a more fresher and recent event.


innovation challenge @ the darden

this was one super cool event and had teams of 4-5 people solve a business problem for a certain company. these problems were extremely open ended and as the name suggests, Innovation was a necessary precursor to victory.

we were given the arduous though interesting task of promoting GE money and came up with a little too much of innovation ;-)

54 hours and 3 red bulls later, we got this.

Tata boardroom wars:

this involved a simulation game between the best 54 future managers of the country. 9 teams participated, the IIM's, XLRI and ISB. IIMB had 2 teams thus rounding up the 9 teams and the prize money was a mammoth 1,00,000 INR.

after a gruelling internal selection, we got the opportunity to go to IIMB and participate in one of the most popular fests in the country.

apart from the mosquitoes and the drunk b-school students in the accomodation hall everything was perfect and we had a great time.

well ..... I have lots more to write about but let me jump to the most recent event ...