Sunday, September 11, 2005

gmat postponed !!!

yes i have succumbed to the pressure and postponed my gmat . have to live up to a lot of expectations and get an extremely high score which will, in all probability not be possible, if i take the test on the 15th of sept . giving myself lots of free time to do research and study i have decided to take the test on the 26th of september .

Sunday, September 04, 2005

8 days left .

yep only 8 days and no sign of nervousness .

probably becuase i have made an extremely ambitios roadmap which if followed should lead me to a 700+ score .

this involves only studying the og and kaplan gmat 800 and totally disregarding tests .

Saturday, September 03, 2005

well 9 days left

finished a two day break , did about 30 mins of study in the last two days . but now the crunch time starts , in fact it has quite a while back and its up to me stand up to it .

Friday, September 02, 2005

10 days left dudes

wassup dudes ,

10 days left . its an eerie feeling . the euphoria after getting 720 in a test , though it is not even close to what i desire, was enough to make me a one day long break. due to which i havent studied anythign today at all . didnt go to usefi where i go almost every weekday to study a good 4 hours in the morning and got up lazily at an unearthily hour . must really get cracking now ...

gmatprep1 720!!!!

finally i can breathe again , what a relief scored 720(m50 , v41) in gmatprep 1 , ok it is not very good agreed . but its the best i got .

should increase my confidence a wee bit . and make me realise that i might be able to give the test , will start cracking og from today , been doing pretty nothing till now.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

11 days left ..... what will i do

gave power prep 1 today

and i got a really demoralizing score , in fact so low that i would be embaressed to put it up here, even though i got a boldafce in my verbal on the 32nd question . so probably i was doing danm well till then , after whihc due to a severe time shortage things got majorly out of hand.

hopefully this should motivate me to study more as august os over and i have 12 days left .........