Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Finally the real thing - Private Equity - Yeah !!!

It's almost as if these guys were saving the best for the last.

we have had some really awesome courses the last 6 terms, but the Investing in Private Equity takes the cake.

2 awesome professors, no examinations - what could be better

the first half of the course is taught by Prof Thomas Hellman who teaches at Stanford and University of British Columbia and the second half by Prof Vinay Nair who teaches at Wharton.

If thomas was good vinay almost blew us away.

This guy, came directly from a long haul flight, horribly jet lagged and delivered an exceptional class to 3 separate sections. he would be teaching 5 sessions to 3 sections within a week and covering material which he typically takes 3 months to cover in wharton in about 8 days at ISB. awesome guy

If ISB can continue to attract profs like this to come here, many indian students might not see the value add in going to the US.



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